Real Estate Services

Our Services

  • The Unison Consortium has disaggregated the property development value chain into singular functional areas, each of which is efficiently managed by professionals operating within their core competency, and for which each have excelled over a significant number of years.
  • Our core services are divided into two main areas:
  • Frontline or Customer Interface Services such as;
  • Architectural Home Design, Customer Mortgage Brokerage, Marketing & Customer Care
  • Technical Support Services such as;
  • Site Planning & Layout, Quantity Surveying, Land Surveying, Engineering (Civil, Structural, M.E.P.), General Building Contractors, Project Management, Project Development, Financial Feasibility and Procurement, Statutory Approvals Provision

Ancillary Services

  • Unison has been successfully able to develop strategic alliances with a number of tier one service providers in the Real Estate Development industry.
  • Our trusted service providers are all successful enterprises, each providing key services that are complementary to the services provided by Unison to our valued customers. These include:
  • Financial – Mortgage Provision
  • Insurance Coverage – Home & Life Insurance Coverage
  • Telecommunications – Fibre Optic Internet, Cable T.V., Phone, Home Security Systems
  • Home Finishes – Imported Cabinetry (Kitchens, Bedrooms, Laundry), Granite Counters, Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles, Imported Bathroom Fixtures & Faucets.
  • Home Furnishings and Appliances
  • Building Inputs – Paints, Building Blocks, Roofing
  • Aesthetic Design – Interior Design and Exterior Landscaping

Customer Benefits Package

Our new homeowners will be entitled to myriad of customer discounts and benefits including but not limited to:

  • Special Financing Arrangement available from institutional mortgage providers.
  • Competitive mortgage interest rates for prospective Homeowners.
  • Special Discounts on Legal Fees
  • Special Homeowners’ Financing Package for home furnishings and appliances
  • Special Package Discounts on Life Insurance Coverage and Homeowners Insurance
  • Special Homeowners’ Discount Package for home furnishings and appliances available at leading Retail Outlets countrywide
  • Special Homeowners’ Home Security Smart Package at discounted rates (Optional Armed Response)
  • Special Homeowners’ Home Security Smart Package at discounted rates (Optional Armed Response)
  • Homeowners Discounted prices on “After-Purchase” modular additions, customizations and Upgrade Packages
  • Homeowners Discounted prices on ancillary services such as landscaping and property maintenance